Writing this up to date bio is quite a task for someone like me – I want my work to speak for itself.   I could tell you all about my degrees and diplomas and my past experiences in marketing and product management.  I could share that I managed a $550m portfolio in telecom before I even got into Real Estate.  I am a best selling author in two books as well.

But……what I really want to share is that over the past 13 years in Real Estate I have worked on almost 100% referral.   By business and my service has always spoken for itself.  Many of my clients are now close friends.  I have watched people triumph over the journey of life many times.  Sometimes that triumph is about surrendering and moving forward with homes but reassuring clients along the way getting out of one situation can poise you for something so much better that you can’t yet see. I am so proud to watch people grow and evolve and real estate is a big part of that.

I wrote many articles for the Toronto Sun Homes about my adventures in Real Estate and make no mistake it’s always and adventure!  I lay awake at night wondering if there’s better ways to build client equity.  I never go for the quick sale over the quality sale – sometimes real estate is a patience game and I ALWAYS want to make sure my clients get the most benefit possible.  Admittedly sometimes its more personal than it should be.

I would estimate at least 80% of the Real Estate sales and purchases I have been a part of have been the top sale for the model or the street or the area for bedroom, etc. and on the Buying side many many clients can speak to the great many negotiations that ended in our favour.   I also like to walk my talk  - with investments that have now led to the Florida markets too.   I have amazing contacts on the development side of things too. 

What to look for in an agent?   Its always the same in my eyes.   Pick someone you trust – who you truly believe is working on your behalf and is passionate – and the pay is just a result of doing what they love.   Then you can never really go wrong – you’ll always have the experience your meant to have.    The other element of my real estate business is my intuition.   I am able to read the play often which bodes me well in winning almost every multiple offer I have ever been a part of.  I know when to hold and I know when my clients have favour.

Partnering with my sister is also a dream come true.   We make a great team and its really limitless what we will do to sell a house.   Two honest, fantastic negotiators together!